E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. moves closer to a paperless environment

May 2011


We are pleased to announce that E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. has renewed its trust to DataTeam, by accepting its offer for the transition of the following to a paperless environment:

Correspondence Management for all Departments

Plant Technical Documentation

Customer/Vendor Contracts

Central Fax Management

By converting the above paper-centric processes to electronic, E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. will be able to :

  • Electronically archive and manage all correspondence
  • Better monitor all correspondence issues
  • Eliminate paper handling costs
  • Boost user productivity compared to paper management
  • Increase the security level of all document-centric processes

The System will be part of DataTeam’s ECM Platform which is already installed at E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A.

All systems and applications developed using the ECM Platform can be integrated with the company’s SAP ERP, for exchanging information or direct calling of documents from within the SAP User Interface.


E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. has a history of almost 100 years in the biscuit and foodware industry and leads the Greek market with a 70% market share in volume.