Gregory's Food Service Group S.A implements e-Invoicing


We are pleased to announce that DataTeam has signed a deal with :


Gregory’s Food Service Group S.A., Food & Coffee Outlets


for the implementation of paperless invoicing (e-Invoicing) throughout all business transactions with its Franchisees.


Additionally, all Invoices issued by its SAP ERP system will be automatically indexed and archived in DataTeam’sDocument Management System for easy and immediate retrieval.


By implementing DataTeam’s technology solutions, Gregory’s Food Service Group S.A. will achieve the following goals :

  • Instant reduction of paper Invoice costs
  • Significant increase in productivity
  • Increase of Franchisee satisfaction


The above goals along with the Instant Retrieval and Unified Management of all information that relates to the Invoicing procedures will help the company achieve a very fast Return On Investment (ROI).

DataTeam’s e-Invoicing Solutions conform to the Greek legislation on electronic invoicing :

POL 1049/21-03-2006  &  POL 1158/21-07-2011


Gregory’s Food Service Group S.A. with a 40-years history, has a network of about 250 food & coffee service outlets in Greece, Cyprus, Romania and Albania.