Pharmalux S.A. automates Accounts Receivable department

July 2015


We are pleased to announce that DataTeam Solutions has signed a deal with:


for the implementation of DataTeam Solutions Enterprise Content Management Platform in itsAccounts Receivable department. The implementation will eliminate a series of non-value added, manual activities by automating AR processes, according to Pharmalux S.A. special business needs. The vertical AR solution will also drastically reduce operating costs and improve user productivity.

Accounts Receivable departments have to deal on a daily basis with information that originates fromdifferent sources. This need, in conjunction with legal directives, requires continuous archiving of information and immediate access to it, whenever necessary. This requirement also increases exponentially the costs of capturing, archiving and managing information.

DataTeam Solutions vertical AR solution eliminates most of the operational costs related to these activities.

Pharmalux S.A. Accounts Receivable solution will also provide features like:

  •  On-the-fly transformation of ERP-issued documents
  •  Automatic indexing and archiving of documents in the ECM Platform repository
  •  Elimination of time related to sorting and physical archiving of PODs
  •  Automatic e-mail delivery of documents to selected customers


Studies performed on the AR process cycle of various enterprises recorded a Return On Investment of less than 1 year.

The above goals along with the Instant Retrieval and Unified Management of all information related to the Accounts Receivable processes will help the company achieve a very fast Return On Investment (ROI).

Pharmalux SA holds a leading market position and is one of the largest in the field of medicine. This includes the introduction and marketing of pharmaceuticals products, cosmetics, baby foods, parapharmaceutical products and other personal hygiene items to more than 16,000 item codes. It represents the German company DESMA Gmbh and is the exclusive distributor of products for 30 Greek pharmaceutical industries.