Customer Stories

E.J. PAPADOPOULOS embraces Invoice Recognition technology for Vendor Invoices

E.J. Papadopoulos needed Invoice Recognition technology to minimize manual data-entry related to Vendor Invoices as well as provide easy access to these Invoices through SAP.
The Invoice Recognition solution implemented, provides high level of recognition accuracy, along with a specially designed user interface that nearly eliminates data-entry. Vendor Invoices are now processed digitally from start to end, no physical Invoice is required throughout the processing cycle. Users have also easy access to any Vendor Invoice, directly through the SAP user interface […]

SYSTEMIC BANK uses RPA Classification & Data-Extraction on customer documents

The Bank needed Classification & Data-Extraction technology to automatically process everyday, transaction-related documents provided by customers, like: Identity Cards & Passports, Utility & Phone Bills, Tax Residence Certificates, Income Statements, Real Estate Registration documents, Commercial Register Certificates and many more.
The back-end Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Classification & Data-Extraction solution that was implemented helped the Bank achieve high levels of automation, reducing more than 40% of the time spent on checking and verifying document metadata […]

GR.SARANTIS GROUP moves closer to a paperless environment

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Gr.Sarantis needed a Cheque Scanning & Recognition solution to reduce manual data-entry, as well as an Enterprise Report Management (ERM) solution to archive SAP-generated documents like Invoices & Delivery Notes.
The Cheque processing solution and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) that was implemented, helped users eliminate data-entry related to customer cheques and also provided easy access to Cheque images via the ECM software.
The Enterprise Report Management (ERM) solution implemented for the SAP-generated documents, requires no interference with SAP and reduces storage requirements significantly (90%+). SAP is now handling much less document viewing requests, since […]

SYSTEMIC BANKS use RPA to extract data from complex Legal Documents

The four Systemic Banks needed an intelligent solution to achieve data extraction from complex, multi-page Legal Documents. The legal documents were created by thousands of different lawyers and were fully unstructured, using variations in phrasing and document layouts.
The back-end Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Data-Extraction technology that was implemented, used a variety of proximity algorithms to locate specific phrases and words before extracting the required metadata from the area of interest. The Project required the extraction of more than 270 field metadata from hundreds of thousands of legal documents […]

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