Some of  DataTeam Solutions successful Enterprise Content Management Installations are stated below :

pespi Compania De Bebidas PEPSICO – Espana (Headquarters & 8 Branches)
tastyo TASTY FOODS S.A. (Headquarters & 7 Branches)
coca Coca Cola HBC S.A. (Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, Crete Plants)
papado E.J.PAPADOPOULOS S.A., Food & Biscuit Industry (Headquarters & 4 Branches)
mythos MYTHOS Brewery S.A. (Part of the Carlsberg Group, Headquarters & 3 Branches)
mevgal MEVGAL S.A., Milk Industry (Headquarters & 7 Branches)
kolios Kolios S.A., Milk Industry (Headquarters & 2 Branches)
agno AGNO S.A., Milk Industry (Headquarters & 1 Branch)
masutis D.MASOUTIS S.A., Super Market and Cash & Carry chain
aaa 3 ALFA S.A., Processing, Packaging & Sales of Pulses and Rice
vastrof VASSILIOU – TROFINKO S.A., Processing, Packaging & Sales of frozen food
siemens SIEMENS S.A.
tupper TUPPERWARE Hellas S.A.
pharmalux-e1442572733313 Pharmalux S.A., Marketing & Distribution of Pharmaceutical products
ahepa A.H.E.P.A., Peripheral General Hospital of Thessaloniki
public1 Greek Ministry of Public Order
jonson S.C.Johnson Hellas S.A.
eyath Thessaloniki Water Supply and Sewerage Co S.A.
mitsotaki The Constantine Mitsotakis Foundation
doral DORAL S.A., Door & Window Industry (Headquarters & 2 Branches)
docs2-icons-140x130 Trade Link S.A., Reputation Management
grigori Gregory’s Food Service Group
mama Mama Products S.A., Distribution (Headquarters & 3 Branches)
3dsa 3D S.A.