MEVGAL S.A. implements laser-printing Invoicing

We are pleased to announce that MEVGAL S.A. has renewed its trust to DataTeam, by accepting its offer for its transition to laser-printing Invoicing, using single-sheet forms, as well as fully automatedIdentification, Distribution, Indexing and Archiving of printed Statements and Documents that relate to its sales activities and are printed using its SAP ERP System and its Handheld Terminals (X-VAN).

The transition will eliminate a series of activities that had no added value for MEVGAL S.A., while at the same time add many automated activities, customized to meet MEVGAL S.A.’s special requirements.

The result of this transition will be the significant decrease of Operating Costs which had no added value for the company, along with the reduction in its Environmental Footprint due to the decrease in paper consumption.

The above goals along with the Instant Retrieval and Unified Management of all information that relates to the Invoicing procedures will help MEVGAL S.A. to achieve a very fast Return On Investment (ROI).

MEVGAL is the largest milk company of Northern Greece and the third largest producer of fresh dairy products in the country. In terms of annual turnover, it ranks 9th in the food industry, while it is positioned in the 30th place among all Greek companies.