Why DataTeam Solutions?

We have focused exclusively on Enterprise Content Management technologies for more than 30 years and have obtained vast experience in this field. We are able to take any project from concept to implementation, requiring only minimum involvement from the customer’s IT department.

We focus on the customer using a case by case approach. We understand that people are the ones that will use this technology, so we give them power and make them see how to spend less
time in manual or legacy processes and focus more on the value-added ones. We redesign processes whenever necessary and then we train the people behind these processes.We stand by the customer throughout the implementation and for the years to come.

Our ECM Platform has a very flexible pricing scheme allowing competitive pricing and sometimes no need for investment. We first study our prospect’s current processes and we deliver a fast ROI estimation based only on media and labor costs, a ROI that usually pays for the investment in less than 12 months.

We do business this way for a long time.

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