Why ECM?

ECM acronym stands for Enterprise Content Management, which is the technology that captures, manages, stores and delivers, structured and unstructured information related to business processes, throughout its lifecycle.

Researches conducted by well known information technology advisory firms, estimate that the annual growth rate of unstructured information in an enterprise, is from 65% to 200% per year. This unstructured information explosion is best described using the term, Content Chaos.

Enterprise Content Management technology solves the information management problem by serving as a single, secure repository for all of your enterprise information, structured or unstructured.

Enterprise Content Management seamlessly integrates with your Core systems and Line-of-Business applications, to automatically capture information, no matter what hardware or software environment your organization operates in.


ECM gives users the technology tools to access information in the manner and environment in which they are most comfortable, providing a superior user experience and greater insight into customer needs.


(Or in other words: What can ECM do for you?)


In simple words, Enterprise Content Management technology:

Reduces your operating costs, by eliminating costs related to paper copying, printing, shipping and storing.


Boosts your people’s productivity, by providing instant access and real-time insight to information and business processes, anytime, anywhere.


Helps you become more customer-centric, by ensuring high quality of service and reliable communication via the channel that works best for your customers.


Improves your disaster recovery plans, by consolidating information from multiple Core systems and LOB applications,providing a single, searchable repository and eventually ensuring your business continuity.


Enterprise Content Management is the key to unlock your organization’s full potential.

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