Empower your ERP using ECM

Your ERP system deals with structured information that originates from financial, manufacturing, supply chain, customer & human relations and many other modules, interacting with each other. According to various independent researches, this information is less than 20% of your organization’s knowledge. The other 80% is unstructured information which your ERP system cannot handle.

It is more than obvious that when you need to make well-informed decisions, you won’t be able to do it by relying only on the information provided by your ERP system. You need to have insight and instant access to the other 80% as well.iceberg1-219x300

Enterprise Content Management technology bridges the gap between your ERP system and your organization’s unstructured information. And it does it with flying colors! It doesn’t matter if your ERP system is new or if it is considered “legacy” (AS/400, UNIX, etc).


Enterprise Content Management technology can be easily integrated and present structured and unstructured information, under a uniform structure, supporting your ERP’s day-to-day transactions.

And since Return On Investment is considered to be an important factor in any IT project, read this:

In a recent study conducted by AIIM*, 68% of the 479 survey respondents, considered that linking ERP and ECM gave a much better return on investment than any other IT integration project.


So, if you seek to go further and empower your ERP system, contact us to see how your ERP system and our ECM Platform could join forces and improve your overall information management.


* AIIM acronym stands for Association for Information and Image Management


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