Digitization of Military Records

May 2008

We are pleased to announce that DataTeam Solutions was selected by the union of companies “Siemens – Q&R” to participate as a subcontractor in the Ministry of National Defense’s project:

Digitization of Military Records

The project was issued by the Information Society S.A. (budget: €9.915.000) and it relates to the digitization of 5.462.151 citizens’ military records between years 1947 and 2008 and the development of electronic content. These records come from A1 and A2-sized books which are dispersed in 57 military recruiting offices around the country. The project time frame is 22 months.

DataTeam’s participation in this project relates to the development of software and the appropriate processes which will meet the following project requirements:

  • Encryption of the sensitive digitized military records at the 57 military recruiting offices, to provide a totally secure transfer of record images to the project’s Core Facility in Athens.
  • Decryption of the record images along with automatic Workflow Job creation for real-time monitoring of the military records flow during the project.
  • Quality Assurance of the digitized records to ensure the quality of digitization and to detect possible human errors.
  • Automatic Form Identification of the various types of military record images that have been changed throught the years 1947 to 2008.
  • Automatic Cropping of record images into 5 independent image regions.
  • Random filename allocation of the cropped image regions to provide a totally secure transfer of the regions to the Data-Entry Facility. This way no one will be able to know the complete military record data of any citizen.
  • Reception of the keyed data at the Core Facility and automatic region data recomposition into complete military records again.
  • Error checking of record images and keyed data by qualified military personnel.
  • Export of military record images along with their related keyed data, appropriately converted for transition into the Ministry’s Integrated Information System.
  • Technical Support of the developed software and workflow processes during the project’s time frame.

DataTeam has completed the development and implementation of the required software and processes within the project’s strict schedule, significantly surpassing the project’s requirements.