Customer Stories

VASSILIOU TROFINKO S.A. implements laser-printing Invoicing

August 2011

We are pleased to announce that DataTeam has signed a deal with :


VASSILIOU TROFINKO S.A., Frozen food industry


for its transition to laser-printing Invoicing, along with fully automated Identification, Distribution, Indexing and Archiving of printed Statements and Documents that relate to its sales and purchase activities.


By implementing DataTeam’s technology solutions, VASSILIOU TROFINKO S.A […]

NOVO MD S.A. implements DataTeam’s BPM solution for its Purchase Requisitions

March 2011


We are pleased to announce that DataTeam has signed a deal with : 




for the implementation of a Business Process Management (BPM) solution for its Purchase Requisition processing needs.

The solution will handle the following tasks :

AHEPA Hospital implements DataTeam’s EDMS for its Vendor Invoices

February 2011

We are pleased to announce that DataTeam Solutions was selected by AHEPA peripheral general hospital of Thessaloniki, for the electronic management and archiving of its Vendor Invoices.


By implementing  DataTeam Solutions Enterprise Content Management System, AHEPA Hospital will be able to :

Index and Archive Vendor Invoices electronically
Easily track and manage incoming Invoices
Eliminate human costs related to photocopying, Invoice distribution and archive management
Significantly decrease the time needed to gather and submit Invoices to Insurance Organizations
Boost productivity in Invoice related processes
Allow users to view the same Invoice and collaborate
Audit all access […]

E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. implements ISO-HACCP Automated Management System

September 2010

We are pleased to announce that E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. has renewed its trust to DataTeam, by accepting its offer for an ISO-HACCP Automated Management System.

By implementing DataTeam’s ISO-HACCP Management System, E.J. PAPADOPOULOS S.A. will be able to :

Manage ISO documents efficiently
Distribute new and revised ISO documents electronically