Customer Stories

Digitization of Military Records

May 2008

We are pleased to announce that DataTeam Solutions was selected by the union of companies “Siemens – Q&R” to participate as a subcontractor in the Ministry of National Defense’s project:

Digitization of Military Records

The project was issued by the Information Society S.A. (budget: €9.915.000) and it relates to the digitization of 5.462.151 citizens’ military records between years 1947 and 2008 and the development of electronic content. These records come from A1 and A2-sized books which are dispersed in 57 military recruiting […]

Atlantic Union Insurance Co S.A. implements DataTeam’s EDMS solution

We are pleased to announce that DataTeam has signed a deal with :


Atlantic Union Insurance Co S.A.

for the implementation of an Electronic Document Management solution that will initially manage the company’s Vehicle Damage Claims.


By implementing DataTeam’s Document Management solution, Atlantic Union Insurance will be able to :

Archive and Manage all Vehicle Damage Claims documents electronically
Monitor and Process all Claims faster
Achieve a dramatic decrease of operational costs of no added value
Greatly improve productivity and minimize paper […]

MEVGAL S.A. implements laser-printing Invoicing

We are pleased to announce that MEVGAL S.A. has renewed its trust to DataTeam, by accepting its offer for its transition to laser-printing Invoicing, using single-sheet forms, as well as fully automatedIdentification, Distribution, Indexing and Archiving of printed Statements and Documents that relate to its sales activities and are printed using its SAP ERP System and its Handheld Terminals (X-VAN).

The transition will eliminate a series of activities that had no added value for MEVGAL S.A., while at the same time add many automated […]

PEPSICO-IVI S.A. implements DataTeam’s BPM solution

We are pleased to announce that PEPSICO-IVI S.A. has renewed its trust to DataTeam, by accepting our offer to implement a Business Process Management (BPM) solution for its Purchase Order (PO) processing.

The solution, when fully deployed will handle the following PO-related tasks :

Submission and management of Purchase Orders.
PO routing according to predefined set of rules.
Budget control by expenditure category.
PO automatic fax or e-mail delivery to selected vendors.
Vendor delivery monitoring.
PO process “bottleneck” identification and elimination in real-time.
Detailed process information and statistics […]

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